Business Intelligence BOT Demo - BI On Voice Actions and in Natural Language

Welcome to Tensorminds Sales & Finance Voice Actions Based Intelligent Chatbot (tmsBOT) for Sales & Finance related Business Intelligence Analytics through Queries in Natural Language.

We can customize tmsBOT to connect to different data sources e.g. ERP, MRP, HR, Distribution Data, Supply Chain Data, Sales, or Finance. Similarly we can customize it's queries as per need and requirement of individuals in the organization. E.g. Specialized tmsBOT for Brand Manager, Marketing Head, Sales Manager, Area Manager, or Company Chairman catering their customized business queries and stories accordingly. tmsBOT is available on wide range of Voice Action based Device. Integrate with Social Media applications like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Whatsapp etc.

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Try, Saying, "Get me last three months sales" or Say, "Turmeric Powder Q1, Q2 Sales"