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About Tensorminds

Tensorminds Private Limited is an Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Big Data Analytics, Data Warehousing, & Business Intelligence Company.


We have Products & Solutions for Container Terminal Automation, Media Monitoring and Analytics Automation, Automation of Medical Diagnosis through medical imagery and sounds, Voice Action and Natural Language based Business Intelligence Solutions, Automated Robotic Call Center Solutions, Solutions Safe & Secure Places, Product Quality Control Automation, Automation of Vehicle Access Management, & Face Recognition Solutions. We provide exclusive AI Consultancy Services for medium to large scale enterprises helping the in identifying potential AI Applications and its benefits.

Successfully Deployed & Implemented buoyLIGHT™ @

Port Qasim, Karachi, Pakistan

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Container Terminal Automation Solution

An AI-base solution to capture Container and Vehicle information, assess and compare container damages, day & night safety and security of terminal premises.

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Broadcast, & Social Media to Text Data & Powerful Analytics

Converts All Voices of Talk Shows, News, etc into Text Data. Analyze Each Video Frame to extract every minute information, covert any text in the frame into data. Analyze Social Media content, combine all information for NEVER SEEN Analytics

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Smart & Intelligent GIS Solution

An AI & Most Modern GIS Technologies based solution to analyze satellite imagery in unprecedented ways to derive various demographic and social metrics for a given location.

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Intelligent Voice To Data Solution

Intelligent transcription of all your voices, by understanding context of the conversation. Analyzing text identifying Keywords, Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives.

For Office Meetings | Focus Groups | In-depth Interviews | College Lectures | Court Proceedings

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Smart Business Intelligence Chatbots

Voice Actions & Natural Language based intelligent interface allowing individual to query their data through voice commands in natural language. Connects to Unlimited Data Sources. Unlimited Queries

For Sales Data | Demand Forecast | Stock Data | Production Data | Operations Data

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