AI Consultancy

Unleashing the power of Artificial Intelligence

In fast changing dynamic business environments, organizations have to embrace artificial intelligence technologies to sustain their growth and go beyond. They need to better understand customer needs, automate repetitive tasks, better understand their data, leading to informed strategies, innovate everytime, ensuring success and growth.

Business leaders who realize its potential and take advantage of its power will take their enterprise to the next level by minimizing costs, maximizing performance and boosting productivity and growth.

Essentially integrating AI in the very fabric of the organization through building culture where leaders and front-line employees embrace the future with open arms.

We will make it easy for business leaders to take them through a journey of next level by helping then

  • Faster discovery of deeper insight through data augmentation at human cognitive level

  • Architecting self learning systems from data and experience to improve throughput over time.

  • Leveraging intelligent autonomous robotic processes to improve operations.

  • Introducing Human aid through systems that understand users, sense data, learn and forecast and behave livelihood.

  • Through intelligent information delivery systems to keep everyone in the organization well informed times ahead.

Our Key Functional Services:

Our AI and machine learning consultants consist of qualified and experienced AI designers, Developers, and other experts that will help in designing, implementing, and integrating AI solutions into the company’s business environment. They can provide, develop, and advise on a wide range of AI capabilities like predictive analytics, data science, natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, process automation, voice-enabled technology, and much more.

Our consultants can evaluate the potential of data, software infrastructure, and technology to effectively deploy AI systems and workflows.

Strategy Formulation

Our AI/ML consultants will start by understanding how the implementation of an AI project can help achieve business goals and drive commercial growth. This stage usually involves a lot of research, where we’ll work with the stakeholders to identify any bottlenecks or other challenges that the AI solution could help address and solve. If required our consultants will also deliver a proof of concept that can help demonstrate the value of the AI project to stakeholders.

We usually formulate strategy by following these steps:

  • Understanding your company’s current status: We will analyze your company’s strategy to understand its current status.

  • Creating a portfolio: The next step is to identify pain points and understand how AI can contribute to the success of your business.

  • Determining a project’s value: The vast majority of AI projects fail or don’t generate value. We will help your company predict the value of the project so that it doesn’t invest more than the expected outcome.

Data Spruce–Up; Alignment with Business Goals

Corporates have tones of data both historical and current, spread across 100’s and 1000’s entities and attributes. Organizations are benefiting from this wealth of information and improving business doing, however, a large amount of the data is either lying without any use due to lack of understanding of its meaning and its value which is generally due to the fact either this information is not labeled properly, and at times absence of any documentation about it.

This may cloak billions of dollars worth of potential business otherwise.

We will help organizations in forming and adopting Data Governance strategies, introducing corporate wide understanding of meaning and value the data available. Helping liberate the IT team from decades old terminologies, methods to solve problems, and archaic application systems and assist to embrace technologies of the future.

Helping in pacifying mind melting situations while wrestling and combating tones of data.

Helping organizations in data collection, data cleaning, fixing data entanglement, and the process to organize and label data in order to harmonize information in general and make it easy to identify and prepare suitable data for deep learning and getting ready for the pursuit to automate numerous mundane tasks, improve existing business intelligence reporting, enhancing predictions and insights all eventually to improve business performance by minimizing costs and maximizing productivity, increasing revenue and profit margins.

Solution Advisory

Based on understanding data quantum and its potential value we help organizations to choose the best AI solutions to meet their business requirements. We help them in identification of best of the off-the-shelf solutions or advise for customized solutions that are affordable and yet offer most of the features required by the business.

Eventually; Leveraging the power of AI, we help them to build the comprehensive AI ecosystem company-wide, introducing the inevitable, Data-Is-The-King culture all across the organization and help them overcome cultural change difficulties, thereby empowering the data, the data managers, and the business managers to maximize business performance and deliver its benefit to its end users or customers.

Business Managers Acclimatization

For the successful implementation of applications based on most modern Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence technologies, it is essentially important to acclimatize business managers across the organization. This is important to embrace new systems swiftly and cascade it effectively.

We will introduce effective corporate level workshops, seminars and training & education programs catering each and every important employee involved in the chain of systems.

The Optimization & Embarkation of Organization’s IT Professionals

Similarly, the role of IT professionals of the organization is of utmost importance, they are the custodians of data, applications and systems. It will eventually be their responsibility to implement new Deep Learning and AI applications & systems, preparing data, assessment and procurement of necessary hardware equipment and to maintain it and to ensure uninterrupted service delivery to their customers.

We will arrange educational and training sessions for the IT professionals for familiarization and accustomization of role & functionality of different applications, and modules. Identification of intended beneficiaries and their respective roles and responsibilities.

How do we price AI/ML Consulting Services

The pricing of AI/ML consultant services will widely depend on a major key factor.

  • Time and Material: The majority of AI and machine learning consulting projects are based on the time and materials needed for the project, which is estimated by our team. These prices are negotiated before the project begins.

  • Other factors are also considered as appropriate.

Our Team

Tensorminds AI Consulting team is headed by pioneering AI-Professional, having more than three decades of relevant experience. He has been working with global leading AI firms & institutions; involved in the development of numerous disruptive gaming and business applications in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. He is involved in providing advisory and consultancy services to international organizations helping them to adopt and embrace AI technologies in various domains. Team possesses varying degrees of expertise and experience across multiple domains that include Container Terminal Operations, FMCGs, Financial Institutions, Manufacturing, Distribution, Supply Chain, Retail Measurements & Market Research.