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The Perceptron Global is headed by experienced management in the marketing, sales & support of diversified application system both locally and globally.  This collaboration promises to unleash all possibilities in order to deliver excel Products & Services.
K-Tabs Specializes in Application Development, Marketing, Implementation, and Support Services.  Together, we discover new frontiers for mutual growth and benefits.
SN-Skies deals is specialized projects related to Cyber Security, Infrastructure and Integration Services, Enterprise Security Solutions and lot more. With SN-Skies, Tensorminds explores a wide range of potential clients and opportunities.
Astaa is specialized partner for our Vision AI based solution. One of the major supplier of  the commercial grade CCTV cameras and related  equipment to various container terminals in the region.
Tech Avenue pursue global opportunities based on bringing to customers new innovations that have a clear competitive advantage and high growth potential.We can help you think, design and deliver to realize all your possibilities. We promise to explore the world together and leave no opportunity untouched. +92 336 8537 265 51 2855773 42 5880090 +92 51-8462028-29 
Novel Experience Est, is Tensorminds Partner for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Techaims is in IT Consulting, System Integrations,  Infrastructure Design and Implementation & Solution Providing Business.Tensorminds & Techaims together committed to deliver state-of-art solutions to its customers. 
B1 Data Solutions based in Texas US, comprises of experienced IT Professionals specializing in understanding requirements and delivering precise solutions to its customers.
With the unique combination of its three expertise, DNA provides disruptive advisory using its intelligent BOTs and global partnerships